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Glasgow and London Drama Studios


UKTheatreSchool is part of UK Theatre School Ltd, The UKTheatreCompany, UKCastings, UKTheatre SchoolGlasgow & UKTheatreSchoolLondon
The UK Rehearsal Studios for Dramatic & Performing Arts
4 West Regent Street
G2 1 RW

T: 0141 332 5192
M: 0794 702 9732

(In Glasgow City Centre across from the Odeon Cinema)
(In Glasgow City Centre across from the Odeon Cinema)


UKTheatreSchool London
Danceworks London Studios
16 Balderton Street,

(In the heart of London's West End . Just off Oxford St - across from Selfridge's clock)

T: 0207 479 4881
M: 0794 702 9732


Lizanne.Thomson@UKTheatreSchool.com Principal
Stephen.Thomson@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of Finance
Derek.McGhie@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of Acting
Paul.Christie@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of Music & Voice
Chris.Wilson@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of Dance / Movement
Luis.Garcia@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of Musical Theatre
Andrew.Panton@UKTheatreSchool.com Guest Music Coach & Recording Studio Producer
Sheryl.Hamilton@UKTheatreSchool.com Administration Supervisor
Lindsay.Moffat@UKTheatreSchool.com Finance Supervisor
Liam.McLaughlin@UKTheatreSchool.com Finance Assistant
Sophie.Webster@UKTheatreSchool.com Administration Assistant
Eva.Johnson@UKTheatreSchool.com Dance Tutor
Siobhan.McAuley@UKTheatreSchool.com Singing / Voice Coach
Jennifer.Rhodes@UKTheatreSchool.com Acting Tutor and Voice Coach
Natalie.Toyne@UKTheatreSchool.com Acting Tutor
Bill.Wright@UKTheatreSchool.com Acting Tutor
Jessica.Hill@UKTheatreSchool.com Acting Tutor
Lee.Johnston@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Kyle.Haddow@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Jordyn.Thomson@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Hayley.Quigg@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Joseph.Brown@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Joanne.Gallagher@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Jodie.Keogh@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Kim.Smyth@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Ashlie.McAnally@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Anthony.Lambie@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of IT
Nathalie.Douglas@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors
Ross.Mitchell@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Tutors


Lizanne.Thomson@UKTheatreSchool.com Principal
Stephen.Thomson@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of Finance
Claire.Stout@UKTheatreSchool.com Head Co-ordinator
Claire.Falconer@UKTheatreSchool.com Head Co-ordinator Dance & Voice
Sammy.Fonfe@UKTheatreSchool.com Dance & Acting Tutor
Leila.Birch@UKTheatreSchool.com Acting Tutor
Chris.Peake@UKTheatreSchool.com Singing Tutor
Denise.Teh@UKTheatreSchool.com Admin & Assistant to Dance Tutor
George.Ure@UKTheatreSchool.com Assitant to Singing Tutor
Craig.Weir@UKTheatreSchool.com Assistant to Acting Tutor
Alexandra.Silber@UKTheatreSchool.com Guest Acting Tutor
Andrew.Panton@UKTheatreSchool.com Guest Music Coach & Recording Studio Producer
Anthony.Lambie@UKTheatreSchool.com Head of IT

UKTheatreSchool have performed shows and/or worked within: The UK Rehearsal Studios of Dramatic & Performing Arts, Glasgow The Danceworks London Studios, London The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (RSAMD), Glasgow The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), London Riverside Studios, London (home of TFI Friday, Top of the Pops, Dr Who and other famous television shows) The Tramway, Glasgow The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), London Scottish Opera, Glasgow UKTheatreSchool prides itself on working within centres of excellence.
If you have any problems with direct emails, please send and email from your personal email account to staff@UKTheatreSchool.com and
mark it for the attention of the staff member you would like to talk to.