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Youth Program Fee Breakdown - Glasgow


Every applicant has to *audition to become part of UKTheatreSchool Performing Arts Academy. This can either be at an Open Audition Day or at a pre-booked Private Audition

The fee to each applicant for an Open Audition Day is £5.00
The fee to each applicant for a Private Audition is £10.00

please check our Audition page for information on what is expected of you at your audition along with details of our next Open Audition Day


Following the Audition Stage; successful applicants will attend an Enrolment Day or Evening. Enrolment Days are set aside for parents and new students to enjoy some light refreshments, to pay Enrolment Fees and Course Deposits as well as collect the students’ new UKTheatreSchool Uniform. This Enrolment time also allows the new student and their parents to familiarise themselves with UKTheatreSchool staff, premises and ask any questions they feel necessary. There is usually an Induction Talk from our Principal or Senior Staff as well as a guided tour and some short performances from some of our existing students. New Students and their parents are advised to allow for around 1.5 hours for this Enrolment.

**Enrolment Fee

**Enrolment Fees for each new student £95.00 ***Course Deposit for each new student £30.00

***Course Deposit
This deposit is refundable when a student leaves UKTheatreSchool provided the student and parent meets with the Terms and Conditions of UKTheatreSchool (these can be found on our Terms and Conditions page)


All fees are payable in advance before entering lessons. Fees are determined annually by our Academy Directors at their January meeting. The Directors reserve the right however; to respond to needs by changing the fees at any time. Fees for session January 2008- January 09 will be as follows:

A three-discipline course of Acting Singing and Dance will cost £10.00 per day from 1st February 2008

PAYMENT OPTION 2 Many parents choose to pay in ten week term blocks (this is optional) £100.00

Annual Fees Reduction for 2008 / 2009. Some parents chose to pay annually to avoid queuing weekly and to take advantage of the discount. The details are as follows: There is a reduced set fee for an annual payment. Over our 43 week year the weekly payments would amount to £430.00. The Annual fee for 43 weeks paid in full and in advance is £390.00. Parents wishing their child to be involved in extra lessons within the academy can also pay for these classes on a weekly, term or annual basis. Each class may vary in price please enquire about individual lessons.

There is no automatic reduction in fees for younger brothers and sisters. This Performing Arts Academy has a long history of drawing pupils from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds. Some families with one child need help with fees while other families with several children can afford fees for each child. UKTheatreSchool believes it is fairer, and more consistent with its admissions policy, to provide help with fees on the basis of need in individual cases. Fee help is continually screened and not everyone applying for a help can be granted a reduction. These decisions are based on school budgets.

Scholarships have been granted in the past however; it is UKTheatreSchool’s policy to only grant a scholarship to an existing student who has been with our school for no less than 6 months. This is to establish ability and dedication. The amount offered in a scholarship is calculated in each individual case with the family involved in the discussions of what they can reasonably afford and what the school will contribute. This settlement is reviewed each year. In some cases a full scholarship may be granted.

Written notice on or before week 8 of term detailing a student will be leaving after week 10 of the current term. This notice is to provide the school with sufficient time to allocate the space to someone from our waiting list for the forthcoming term. Failure to give the appropriate notice will result in a non refund of £30 course deposit. Parents will always be liable for any outstanding fees up to and including week 10 of the term we receive the leaving notice within (along with any other outstanding fees that may have accrued). If notice is received after week 8 of any term the student will be liable for all fees up to and including week 10 of the forthcoming term. Parents or guardians falling more than three weeks behind with fees, without suitable consensual arrangements being made with our finance department, will forfeit any course deposit. A parent or guardian failing to ensure that fees are brought up to date immediately after an ‘outstanding fees letter one’ is sent will no longer be entitled to a refund of course deposits unless a written agreement is consented with by our finance department. Late fees being carried into a new term will have a late fee penalty of £10 and then be subject to an added 5% monthly interest charge thereafter on the overall amount. If in doubt regarding fees please call our finance department and they will be only too happy to help. This notice is without exception. The above notice is for the avoidance of doubt and it without prejudice.